Life Groups

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What is a LIFE GROUP?

Life is best lived in community with others. In order to truly Love God, Love People, and Serve The Word, connecting with others is essential. We were made for relationships...with each other and with God.

Life Groups are small gatherings outside of weekend services designed to help you live out Loving God, Loving People, and Serving the World and to grow more and more like Jesus.

Groups usually go through a study (some even go in depth with the message from Sunday services). Groups support, pray for, and encourage one another on the journey of life.

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How many people are usually in a Life Group?

An ideal group has 10-12 people in it. It’s how we make a big church feel small and build lasting relationships.

Where and when do they meet?

Usually in someone’s home, the leader of the group sets the time and place.

How long do Life Groups meet?

Life Groups run in three 10-week sessions: January — March, April – June (off for the summer) and September-November.

How do I get in a group?

Talk with a leader (look for the lanyards or shirts that say “I Lead A Group”) or click the button above.